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Homemade dried fruit - irresistible temptation
Release time:2017/2/7 14:57:55      Clicks:3201

Food to the people, food to safety for the first! Food safety has become a global problem, so "self-made" has become a popular, like Germany, France, Canada, Japan and other developed countries and Taiwan, Hong Kong and other developed areas, homemade food has become a fashion.

Love life, like health, the pursuit of health and food I also followed the pace of the world fashion, free time, often made some food, to nourish their own health, enrich their own lives ~ ~ homemade whole wheat bread, homemade sprouts, Homemade tofu, homemade yogurt ... ... I do not have fun, fun in which ~ ~ this is not, but also made a wide variety of colorful dried fruit ~ ~ hee hee, the temptation to drive the super-strong Ha!

I use low-temperature (35 ° -68 ° C) food dryer, the production of dried fruit (of course, can also do vegetables, dried meat, dried meat, etc.), to maximize the integrity of the food to retain nutrients to avoid the loss of nutrients, especially some water soluble Sexual vitamins, such as VB2, VC and so on. Dried apples, pineapple, dried kiwi, dried red dragon fruit, dried banana, persimmon, longan, raisins, blueberries, dried mulberry, cranberry ... ... Oh, only you can not think of, Homemade dry fruit, fruit flavor rich natural, sweet taste and tenacity, eating will make me love mouth ~ ~ all I like the fruit, without worrying about food safety issues, you can rest assured to eat! Compared to commercially available dried fruit, candied fruit, preserved fruit, etc., but it is a lot of advantages Oh!


The advantages are as follows:

1, safety, health, health without any addition. Commercial fruit dried in general have been high-temperature baking, but also through the process of sulfur smoked, improper handling of sulfur will be left; preserved fruit is heated after the sugar from dried, like dried fruits, preserved apple, apricot, etc. , Both contain too much sugar; candied fruit compared to the candied fruit, not only added sugar, in order to create a graceful taste, but also added more sweeteners, fragrance, salt and preservatives, such as plum, olive, Plum, etc., not only lost the original delicious fruit, and nutritional value will be greatly reduced. Homemade dried fruit, low temperature direct baking, no more processing.

2, skin and seeds have been retained. Eat apples, we are used to cut the skin, eating grape peeling seeds, but the fruit skin contains a lot of dietary fiber and plant chemical composition, grape seeds containing anthocyanins, they are very beneficial to human health, discard very pity! Into the apple stem, raisins, you can even eat with skin, eat raisins and seeds can also be a chew.

3, a good source of mineral supplements. Potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, boron and other mineral ingredients, not only has not lost, but also because of the removal of water and has been concentrated, nutrient density has been greatly improved. Dried fruits such as raisins, apples, bananas, etc. are potassium, magnesium and other minerals a good source.

4, retaining the seasonal fruit. The principle of healthy health is to eat seasonal fruits or vegetables, eat less anti-season. But the seasonal fresh fruit market for some time, will soon disappear, such as cherries, mulberry, Myolie, peach, etc., then we can turn it into a dry fruit, you can well stay in the season Wumart Inexpensive fruit.

5, is a quality snack, easy to save and carry. Fruit dry fruit, the volume becomes smaller, high sugar, we can put them into a small bag of a small bag, a day can eat a small bag or a small, that is to avoid excessive intake of calories, and then to carry And save, is your spare time, travel, friends, etc. the best snacks Oh.

6, can be used as a sweet instead of sugar. Sugar is a refined food, in addition to providing sweetness and calories, almost no much nutritional value, it is recommended to eat as much as possible. Porridge, add raisins, longan meat, dried jujube, etc., instead of sugar, which increases the sweetness, but also rich in nutrition; yogurt, you can sprinkle some chopped cranberry, raisins, etc., to increase the taste .

7, eat healthy. The more active in Europe and the United States has a "female ruby," said it contains the active substances of flavonoids, for women with urinary system has anti-inflammatory effect, every day to eat 2 small (about 42 grams) can prevent and alleviate pelvic inflammatory disease, Cystitis, urethritis, etc .; raisins rich in boron, helps to reduce the risk of bone loss in postmenopausal women; raisins can be eaten with calcium-rich yogurt, together with the rich boron of Pecan fruit (pecan ), The effect is better; fig dried with rich zinc, eat can prevent children's partial eclipse and help to enhance male function.


Do not eat, can be used to share with friends; installed in the gift package belt, to friends and family, but also very face-saving, but also a lot of food, . Oh, that is, on the hall, but also under the kitchen, is not much for their own charm of women plus points it!

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